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KissPlanet is the online sale of more than 2000 articles without disposable packaging, including more than 350 in deposit packaging.  Have your organic food and hygiene products delivered in bulk, without disposable packaging.  Return your packaging simply by post and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

KissPlanet makes buying without disposable packaging as easy as buying with packaging.

The vegetables have arrived! 

Enjoy a quick delivery of fresh, organic vegetables at the fair price! 

With KissPlanet, support local market gardeners and eat healthy!

 I enjoy it!

Our free and automatic loyalty programme

Advantage or Privilege card: up to 50% discount

Buy your loyalty card and get a discount of 10% to 50% on all green and sustainable products!  

Every week, enjoy your organic and healthy food at reduced prices. Savings of several dozen euros with each order and several hundred per year.

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Choosing according to your needs

Nutritional reinforcement

A selection of healthy foods, tailored to your needs:

High protein

More than 10g/100g

High fibre

More than 10g/100g

High in iron

Higher in iron than meat

High carbs

More than 10g/100g

Low sugar

Less than 10g/100g


Gluten-free food


Vegan food


Lactose-free food


Responsible shopping

To consume differently, sustainably goes through different stages:


Zero waste

Large size

Daily products

Belgian products

Local consumption

Zero waste kitchen

Sustainable utensils

Water filtration

Avoid buying water in bottles

Fair trade

The fair price

Without essential oils

Delicate skins


Nappies and others

Our values

The common good

Every KissPlanet initiative helps to protect life for the common good.

The choice of products, producers, partners and all innovations are systematically evaluated according to their impact on the environment. No misleading advertising or encouragement to consume.


Transition is also a matter of individual decisions. KissPlanet provides reliable and comprehensive information to enable effective action.

Scientific facts are put forward; sources are communicated. We don't follow fads, we focus on basic needs to help transform domestic consumption.


Everyone has the right to respect and to be fairly rewarded: producer, employee, partner, customer.

There is no competition with companies that share our values.