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This Belgian start-up has developed an innovative and environmentally friendly crowdshipping solution for deliveries.

100% ecological

Hytchers relies on existing trips from members of its community to deliver your parcels. As these trips are already made by commuters, the delivery of parcels does not lead to additional CO2 emissions because we do not increase the traffic on the roads. 

An independent office specializing in energy transition (Ecores) compared Hytchers' greenhouse gas emissions with a conventional delivery service, showing a reduction in CO2 emissions of 88% for a delivery!

In addition, Hytchers went one step further. When someone drives with a Hytchers package in their car, Hytchers offsets the total carbon footprint of that trip by investing in green projects. Hytchers is twice as environmentally friendly as a conventional delivery method and is 100% CO2-neutral by CO2Logic .

Effective follow-up                 

You benefit from an accurate tracking of your parcels with a geolocation on a dynamic map. Thus, you will be able to track your order better than with any other delivery company.

Do you want to receive your package faster? You can decide to expedite the delivery by picking it yourself before it reaches the final destination, in any intermediate station. So, if by chance you go through the deposit point where your order is waiting for the next carrier, you can get it in the blink of an eye.

For all parcels (or almost ...)

The average delivery time is between 1 and 2 days and Hytchers guarantees a maximum delivery time of 4 days. With a little luck your shipment will quickly find a carrier, but in the worst case Hytchers will deliver it personally!

Each package weighing less than or equal to 10 kg can be transported.

KissPlanet is committed!

At KissPlanet, we support the Hytchers initiative and offer this opportunity to all our customers in Belgium. This service is offered for all orders of 50 € and more, and for the smallest orders proposed for a symbolic contribution of 1 €, or 25% of its cost. KissPlanet takes over the rest!