Cosmo Naturel is a brand of Laboratoire Gravier.

Laboratoire Gravier was born in the south of France in Uzès, in the middle of lavender and olive fields in organic farming. The history of Laboratoire Gravier is closely linked to the birth of organic farming in France and to the association Nature & Progrès whose objective is to find healthy and quality products, while helping to preserve and maintain the life and biodiversity of our planet. It is the beginning of a reflection on Organic farming and on the impact of Man on Nature (Jean Gravier became Vice-President of Nature & Progrès in 1980).

In 2002, Jean-François Gravier took over the management of Laboratoire Gravier. His advanced scientific studies have enabled him to create organic cosmetic products that combine the best of both worlds, science and nature.

Laboratoire Gravier, through its new foundation, is committed to education, health and solidarity food in Thailand. One of the actions is "one bottle, one donation" on the entire Cosmo Naturel Hygiène range. For each bottle purchased, 0,50 € will be donated to the Foundation in order to finance actions on the ground: solidarity food distribution, supplying schools with school equipment and access to healthcare for the poorest populations.