Éditions Amyris, "Plaidoyer pour le Fonds" (Advocacy for the Fund)
Publishing house created in 1996, chaired by Benoit de Patoul, recognized and renowned today for the content of its works, it holds the copyrights of all its titles which are original works directly influenced by its reading committee headed by Bénédicte Jeunehomme.

As the founders of Editions Amyris like to point out, the substance of the matteris the collection. Rather than trying to come up with one novelty after another, Amyris takes the opposite approach to this editorial mode. In a system that leaves the book with a short lifespan, Amyris intends to keep all its collections alive and up to date, with some titles translated into English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Japanese.

Integrated in different collections, for example, Douce Alternative, Primum Non Nocere, Les Singuliers, the books essentially deal with health through prevention and alternative medicines. Through these works, Amyris Editions supports the empowerment of every individual in the face of his health and illness. For each book, Amyris Editions is particularly concerned to bring scientific rigour to the reader without falling into the principle of popularisation. The books are therefore aimed at the general public but also at therapists, naturopaths, doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc. and are distributed in all French-speaking countries, progressively in the Hispanic world via their subsidiary Amyris Ediciones and in other countries depending on the language.

The main collections
The "Douce Alternative" collection proposes to open our eyes and minds to what nature offers us and not to what man can produce. This collection has no intention of opposing the natural to the synthetic. These options can succeed or complement each other without necessarily clashing. Managing one's health capital and learning about holistic medicine is everyone's business.

"Primum non nocere" (First, do no harm), the basic principle of medicine as defined by Hippocrates. The conception of Hippocratic medicine is based on the observation of facts; it is a question of treating the sick and not diseases while respecting these principles: do no harm and always help the action of nature. The titles are written by doctors with an approach and style that are also accessible to the general public.

The collection "Les Singuliers" is of a great richness and is composed of many works, each of which is singular, unique in terms of its content, its author or its internal construction... Different approaches to a therapy, various reflections on health, new therapies, deepening. So many approaches for the individual who is interested in holistic medicine.