A French Organic Cosmetics Brand born in the South of France, between the Cevennes and Provence.

Since 2004, Emma Noël is an organic cosmetic brand dedicated to the benefits of virgin vegetable oils.

With an oil mill and a specialised laboratory, Emma Noël has the physico-chemical expertise and high-performance equipment to identify in each organic oil the source of a moisturising, emollient, restructuring, regenerating, anti-ageing care product...

Care and beauty oils, balms, butters, soaps, shower gels and creams, shampoo and hair care, creams and milks: the range includes nearly 100 products based on virgin vegetable oils.

They are sources of active ingredients appreciated by the body, combined with the effectiveness and natural scents of essential oils. Dermatologically tested, Emma Noël's products are ideal for body hygiene, hair, face and body care.

It is part of a natural, ecological line with a touch of freshness for the whole family.