The first almond and tahini purees were made by Jean Hervé in 1976 to feed his 6 children raised under vegetarian principles.

The range has expanded over the years, and is intended to supplement vegetarian food and to rebalance organisms weakened by modern life style, then weaning babies, feeding sportsmen and women in a balanced way and finally pleasing all gourmets.

Dried fruit is naturally rich in proteins, B vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and trace elements.

The manufacturing methods of the Jean Hervé company have not changed in 30 years, from the drying of dried fruit over a wood fire, to grinding with a low-temperature stone-grinder.

The Jean Hervé company is the alliance of craftsmanship for manufacturing and industry for packaging.

Jean Hervé, it is :
- local recruitment
- respect for the original recipes and production methods
- the use of only organic products
- packaging in glass jars for pasta and PET jars for whole dried fruit (to avoid weight and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transport)
- an investment in a 43-hectare forest park in order to meet its needs for wood for the toasting pans for dried fruit.
- a 500 m² photovoltaic roof covering
- and many other actions...