It is at the foot of Mount Etna that this company has been making pasta for 3 generations. The pasta has since been made in an authentic way with organic durum wheat from Sicilian farmers. The quality of the organic durum wheat is one of the best, thanks to the particularly fertile soil of this region, the mild climate and the use of old varieties.

- Authentic methods with modern techniques.
- The wheat is freshly milled just before making the pasta dough.
- Slow milling in 28 steps to keep the semolina fresh, preserving nutrients and taste.
- Pasta shapes are made three times slower than usual to maintain the quality of the dough.
- Pasta drying is done slowly at low temperatures for maximum nutrition, smell and taste.

Always take plenty of boiling water to cook pasta BIO IDEA. The pasta must "swim". When the pasta slips into the water, you can smell the fresh semolina showing that the pasta is made "con amore e passione".

The high quality of La Bio Idea pasta:
- An ancient and authentic type of wheat
- Slow milling in 28 steps
- Flour treatment within 24 hours
- The dough is carefully shaped
- Drying at low temperature
All this produces pasta with a good taste and optimal nutritional value.