Purasana is a Belgian company

Purasana Ltd. mission statement

Raf De
Jonckheere created the brand Purasana out of his personal passion for
natural and organic products. His goal: to develop, produce and market
high quality, safe and effective products. This takes place both under his own
management and in partnership with professional partners and laboratories.  

With Purasana products he wants to make people more attractive, healthier and
more energetic. In short: to improve general well-being. That's
why Purasana focuses not only on health, but on other sectors such as sport,
wellness, home and beauty.  High quality raw materials

Ltd selects its own raw materials. We visit local farms in South
America, Africa and Asia to ensure the quality of the products.


In cooperation with the local agricultural
associations, the work methods are also discussed with and among the farmers.
Their satisfaction is very important to Purasana Ltd, both in financial terms
and with regard to the method of cooperation. We want to produce a top-quality
product for a fair price so that everyone benefits. This may result in a more
expensive end product, but it will also be an honest and fully traceable end

Approved and organic

Purasana superfoods are certified
as organic products in accordance with European legislation EC
2007/834.   This means that they are free from pesticides, chemicals and
various additives, and fruits and crops that have been genetically engineered
or treated with ionizing radiation. Not only does Purasana Ltd select the raw
materials itself, a pesticide analysis is also carried out at a national –
Belgian – level so as to ensure the organic quality.   Purasana Ltd
opts for organic products and is strongly committed to the relevant
legislation. All batches are subjected to extra checks to ensure that the
customer gets a top-quality organic product. Our products rightly bear the
European Organic Logo and are checked by TÜV Nord Integra.


To mix and fill the Purasana products we work in
collaboration with Sowepo– a social workshop located in Poperinge.  
This social workshop employs one hundred employees and their workplaces cover
around 6,500 m². Sowepo is an indispensable partner in the fight against
poverty through social employment and employment care. Social employment is a
driving force behind integration in society.   Purasana Ltd is responsible
for managing the production processes, and, as such, invests in mixing and
filling machines while Sowepo provides the workforce.


Purasana brand is now available all over the world. The following
countries are already distributing our products: Australia, Austria, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Italy, Ireland,
Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and


All Purasana superfoods are gluten-, lactose- and
soy-free and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A selection of products
carries the Vegan trademark and has a kosher or halal logo.