French company

Philosophy of this company :
- to maintain a know-how that is more than ever threatened: to make real Marseille soap by respecting the techniques of saponification in a cauldron.

Their absolute criterion is the quality of the raw materials.

The soap is made exclusively from vegetable oils, including the precious olive oil. It contains neither colouring agents nor synthetic additives. It is this exceptional purity that provides its virtues for the skin and makes it one of the best friends of the environment.

All products are the result of the same philosophy.

Know-how, patience and requirements are the rules of an art that allows the Marius Fabre soap factory to offer a Marseille soap with qualities that are always unequalled.

Since 1900, Marius Fabre products have all been manufactured according to the same philosophy:

from vegetable oils,
without animal fats,
no colouring or parabens,
no animal testing,
biodegradable, environmentally friendly,
recyclable packaging.

In 2010, the Marius Fabre soap factory celebrated its 110th anniversary. Today, Marius's great-granddaughters, Marie and Julie Bousquet-Fabre, continue the family adventure with the same passion. Twenty-five people work at the Marius Fabre soap factory, which is represented in France and abroad by as many sales agents. Like a family, generations of Salonais and Salonaises have succeeded one another in the cauldrons and stakes of the Marius Fabre soap factory, contributing to its fame and that of Marseille soap.